Thursday, June 2, 2016

The first post continued

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to continue my coding story. So here we go again.

The first real app I created was ideapp an initiative to create a new ERP for +ideamos  the company where I currently work for. I built it using the many sources I shared in the first part of this post. The development of the first alpha went from April until December 2015. Although the app is functional and was almost ready for deployment at the moment, the management at the company decided to stick with the current ERP at least for another year.

In terms of the code I wrote for this app, I think the code was not the most efficient, but also not spaghetti code (to the best of my knowledge). I chose ruby on rails to build it (the only language I had learned so far). I did not use any testing frameworks to build it (did not realize how important it is). It was built using a mixture of trial and error, copy-pasting from stack overflow and the courses I had taken over those 8 months. The development was done mainly at night after work and the ocasional 3 am before work attempts. I tried out polyphasic sleep to begin my career change and help with the care of my newly born baby girl (thats why I woke up at 3am to work sometimes). At the end I decided not to continue with polyphasic sleeping because I felt like a zombie during the day.

 Fast forward to  January 11th 2016 I submitted my first assignment towards the  Bloc | Software Engineering Track. After my initial exposure to coding I decided I needed to get into full steam learning. Although I had completed a few apps before I started bloc I knew there needed to be the professional edge to my programming education.

I signed up for the 72-week part time program. Which meant I had to put in 25 hours a week to complete the program in time. As I had done in the development of  ideapp I worked on the program at nights after work.

All went great in the first 15 weeks of my training with bloc until I realized I'd gone through the checkpoints too fast. So I decided to return to the beginning of the program and re do every single checkpoint again. Tough call but I think it has made sense. In between that change I also decided to change mentors and chose Phil to accompany me throughout my program. This shift required me to change the pace of my program from the 72-week to the 144-week part-time to be able to catch up.

Fast forward again to today (June 2nd 2016) I feel that I have built the foundation of my learning of ruby way deeper. It has helped me tons to redo all the checkpoints from scratch. I am currently at checkpoint 23 and will continue to blog my progress.

I have decided to set up a Coding Log/Accountability sheet in my google drive to make sure I stick to schedule.

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