Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Back in rails

I had my mentor appointment yesterday and we had to go over my pace. It seems I was taking too long to go through each checkpoint. The delay is of course attributed to the double dip approach I was taking. As mentioned before in my blog I was doing each checkpoint twice. The second time was for review. We decided that I should change that approach. So starting today I started with one time runs.
Its been great to be back to new material quicker. Last week I started tracking my hours with +Toggle International. I didn't get to the 40 hours that I had placed as my goal. I will this week for sure.

It's been two days since I began working on the rails section of my bloc program. Its been a smooth ride so far. Tomorrow I will be getting to resources and routes, I know this topic is somewhat confusing for me and it will take some time to digest.

A fun thing I learned on rails is the ability to create random data for my tests using an approach made from scratch.

Today I started with the 7 minute workout challenge. Very intense workout. It was expected :p just 7 minutes per day! I will let you know how I'm doing with this challenge.

Another challenge I've been working on is the cold shower in the morning every day. Currently on day 15 and it has changed my life! So much more energy!! Basically I jump in the shower and turn it all the way to the cold side. The temperature feels so cold I thought it must have been in the single digits (celsius). I measured the temperature and it actually came to 16.5 Celsius or about 66 Fahrenheit.  Its super tough to stay 5 minutes under the stream, but its a nice scary thing to do every day.

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